Muslims in Masaka Express Discontent with Traders Closing Shops During Eid Al-Fitr


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Muslim locals in the West Buganda Region are disappointed with the decision of Masaka City Traders to close shops in the spirit of standing together with their business colleagues in Kampala City who on Monday, April 8 2024 protested against the alleged unfair enforcement of Electronic Fiscal Receipting and Invoicing Solution (EFRIS) by the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA).

According to a video circulating on social media platforms primarily X formerly  Twitter, Muslims who are purportedly from West Buganda Muslim Region under the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council (UMSC) are seen complaining about the decision by the traders in Masaka to close their shops on Eid Al-Fitr a special day for the Muslims in the whole world.

One of the locals in the video is seen and heard saying that the action is selfish in nature and unnecessary in a Muslim festive season like this one.

“This is the day for people mostly  Muslims to buy items in preparation and celebration for  Eid day but I am disappointed with their(traders) decision to close shops in Masaka City. Where shall we buy items such as meat, clothes, soap, among other goods?” a local asked

He explained that when they tried to engage some traders on why they were striking, they revealed that there is a challenge of unfair taxes they were facing, stating that such taxes affect the growth of their businesses. However, according to John  Musinguzi Rujoki, the URA Commissioner General the EFRIS was adopted to preclude tax evasion

Sheikh Sserunjogi asked why would the traders in Masaka continue the strike yet their leaders in Kampala called it off. He reasoned that why would they not hold on to allow negotiations with URA boss and President Museveni before  Friday?

His queries followed the KACITA’s position of dialogue approach according to Dr Thadeus Musoke Naggenda the Chairperson of KACITA. John Kabanda, the President of the Federation of Uganda Traders Association (FUTA) also said that all issues affecting traders will be solved before Friday because they expect to meet the URA bosses and President Museveni to discuss multiple issues affecting traders.

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