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Managing Mental Health cases claiming Many Lives

On 25th March, 2022, the Human Resource Fraternity woke up to the sad news of the death of Ivan Nkono a Member of the Human Resource Association of Uganda. On investigations, it was discovered that Ivan had committed suicide.

On 28th March, 2022, another member of the Association lost a wife to suicide as well. All cases had been attributed to mental health conditions.

While the world is slowly recovering from the Covid-19 pandemic, there are continued post Covid effects that the individuals have to deal with.

Mental Health is something that can no longer be ignored especially after the effects of Covid-19.

While speaking to Rotarians, Nagawa Mary Frances Akol a Mental Health Advocate highlighted that mental health is real and people should not down play it.

Nagawa encouraged the affected people to exercise regularly, Live a healthy lifestyle by keeping positive and eating well.

She also emphasized the fact that opposition and the rest of the world are throwing a lot of negative information around and as result all that individual’s see is what is not going on in the world.

This causes a lot of uncertainty and hopelessness. People should avoid negative news and information, it is not mandatory to watch news or be on social media, Nagawa remarked.

While the opposition thinks by throwing out all the negative information on social media, it is causing more harm to Ugandans than anything. It is important that opposition revisits their approach towards to whatever they are fighting for.

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