Kira Municipality’s Ssemujju Priorities, Credibility on Trial


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According to the Longman Business Dictionary, assertiveness can be explained as behaving confidently so that people listen to your opinions and ideas, a trait the Kira Municipality legislator possessed until his recent predicament.

Known for his dark humor in Parliament, Hon. Ssemujju Ibrahim Nganda, the member of Parliament for Kira municipality, won the hearts of many for his firm and provocative statements throughout his political tenure on the floor of Parliament.

Today, the once-self-made opposition political stronghold and all-season critic of the “Mr. Museveni” regime has his reputation hanging on the rickety wheels of a fast-moving train headed for the town of “How could you?”

Hon. Ssemujju, or rather ”Shamejju”, left the public and the rest of the countrymen open-mouthed, questioning his incorruptible character in his role in the democracy of the Parliament when leaked documents exposed his dubious per diem claims.

On May 3, 2023, he allegedly received payments for two per diems totaling 27 million and 18.9 million Ugandan shillings, respectively.

This statement shows that the Kira Municipality legislator was apparently in Dubai and Algeria, attending two workshops at the same time.

Appearing on NBS TV Morning Breeze, Dr. Kizza Besigye, the longtime FDC devotionist, expressed his concern about the deceptive character of some of the members of the party, cautioning the public to remain vigilant.

“Don’t look at anybody and trust them because things are not always as they appear. Examine everything very carefully; be vigilant and try to get as much knowledge as you can.’’ he said.

This statement shows or foreshadows a brewing or an existent power scuffle in the NUP camp masquerading as a joint faction to fight for the rights and democracy of the Ugandan people.

Coincidentally, these claims all come to suffice as an example during the ongoing parliamentary exhibition.

Before the public can breathe a sigh of relief from the 500 million shillings ‘service fee’ issued to Mathias Mpuuga, the inconsistencies in Ssemujju’s per diem money peer its neck just in the nick of time.

Two sequential occurrences should be rhetorical enough to raise personal questions about the political standing and credibility of the opposition leaders in keeping their values true to the cause.

Responding to @brucenahabwe1 on Twitter on March 10, 2024, who ridiculed the dubious act, he refuted the claims, arguing that in the leaked document, the payment date cannot be the day of the activity.

“I will say this again and remind all the exhibitors to have a basic requirement for understanding simple things at least. You cannot be here acting white in black!’’ he quoted.

Typing this article and attaching or displaying such facts about a religious face such as Ssemujju’s is somewhat callous and unfeeling, but all in all, it is necessary to say that, in the end, the forty days of reconnaissance shall surely beckon.

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