Gender Equality, Women’s Empowerment an Essential in the Energy Sector- World Bank


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Joseph Kapiki, a senior energy specialist from the World Bank, delivered a powerful message regarding gender equality and women’s empowerment in Uganda’s energy sector.

Speaking at the Women in Energy Forum meeting held on March 13, 2024, at Golf Course Hotel, Kapiki highlighted the importance of uplifting women to accelerate progress in the sector.

“When women are empowered to lead, everyone benefits,” Kapika said.

The forum, themed “A Working Strategy to Address Gender Disparities in the Energy Sector,” provided a platform for participants to discuss and exchange ideas on how to promote gender equality within the energy industry. Students from St. Mary’s College, Mengo S.S, and Kibuli SS actively took part and shared their valuable insights on empowering women in this field.

One common demand echoed by the students was the need for government-led initiatives to encourage and motivate young women to pursue challenging courses in the sciences. They emphasized that increased support and resources from the government were vital in enabling them to fulfill their aspirations in these demanding fields.

The students also emphasized the importance of media representation, suggesting that increased visibility of women in energy through various media channels would serve as an inspiration for young girls. By featuring successful women leaders in the sector, the media could create relatable role models for aspiring female professionals.

Women in Energy (WONY), a non-profit association founded in Budapest in 2017, has been working tirelessly to increase the proportion of women leaders in the energy sector. With a focus on fostering a strong professional community for women in the field, WONY aims to enable women at all levels to reach decision-making positions. The organization also seeks to raise awareness about the necessity of women’s representation on corporate boards.

Joseph Kapiki’s remarks underscored the potential benefits of gender equality in the energy sector. By empowering women and promoting diversity in leadership roles, the industry can welcome fresh perspectives and drive innovation. Moreover, gender equality in the energy sector aligns with the broader global agenda of achieving sustainable development and inclusive growth.

The Women in Energy Forum served as a reminder that achieving gender parity in traditionally male-dominated industries is not only a moral imperative but also a key driver for socioeconomic progress. As Uganda continues to advance its energy sector, it becomes crucial to embrace the full potential and talent that women offer.

The event concluded with a call for collaborative efforts among government institutions, private sector entities, and civil society organizations to remove barriers and create an inclusive environment that allows women to thrive in the energy sector.

The participants expressed their commitment to implementing the strategies discussed during the forum and working towards a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable future for Uganda’s energy industry.

As Uganda’s energy sector continues to grow and evolve, the message of gender equality and women’s empowerment resonates as a vital catalyst for progress. The gathering of passionate young minds and industry professionals at the Women in Energy Forum signifies a promising step forward in unlocking the untapped potential of women in this critical sector.

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