ISO Chief Lt. Col. Katabazi Urges Students to Uphold Pan African and Unification Values


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Lt. Col. Emmy Katabazi, Deputy Director General of the Internal Security Organization (ISO), delivered a compelling address to students at the 2nd Inter-University Symposium on Pan-Africanism and Africa’s integration. The event, held today November 14, 2023, at Acholi Inn in Gulu witnessed the convergence of students from various universities in Uganda.

During his speech, Lt. Col. Katabazi stressed the significance of transcending partisan politics and religious affiliations in the pursuit of common goals. He encouraged students to embrace the spirit of true Pan-Africanism and patriotism, encouraging them to eschew intrigue and work towards African unity.

Challenging the youth, he called for a shift from internal conflicts to nation-building, emphasizing the importance of serving the people. Lt. Col. Katabazi encouraged students to advocate for practical, relevant education that contributes to societal transformation, questioning whether education should lead to national liberation or enslavement.

“Education should be a tool of liberation, not enslavement, and it is our duty to ensure that it serves the people,” said Lt. Col. Katabazi.

Highlighting the role of student leaders, he stressed the need for individual efforts in nation-building, cautioning against blaming the government without active participation. He urged the youth to utilize their knowledge to solve local problems and appreciate regional integration, starting with East Africa.

Lt. Col. Katabazi drew attention to the socio-economic challenges in Uganda, urging support for community development. He emphasized the untapped potential in the country.

In a critique of political processes, he discouraged selecting leaders based on social events attendance, urging the youth to evaluate candidates on their resource mobilization and contributions to societal development.

He highlighted the need for a Pan-Africanist approach, patriotism, and socio-economic transformation for unity and development. He urged the youth to support the ideology of NRM and the national struggle to liberate Africa.

Lt. Col. Emmy Katabazi’s address at the symposium served as a call to action for students to embrace a broader perspective on education, politics, and leadership. The challenge posed by Katabazi resonates beyond the symposium, encouraging the youth to actively contribute to the development of their societies and the continent as a whole.

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