Is the LGBTQIA+ Issue Bigger Than Uganda?


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A lot of debate has been going on about the homosexual issue in Ugandan media. This debate was even on the floor of the parliament as the legislatures argued against homosexuals. But if everyone is seemingly against the LGBTQ, why hasn’t the Anti-Homosexual Act been signed yet? Is this problem bigger than the country itself? A few reasons have been fronted as to why the Act hasn’t been signed.

The first reason, and dare I say major reason, is that the organizations that help fund our national budget are PRO-LGBTQ. The World Bank, the international monetary fund (IMF) help a lot in funding Uganda’s economy so they can dictate some of our policies. During the aftermath of the Covid pandemic, these organizations came in the guise of helping Uganda’s economy. Donations were made by embassies of countries that are PRO-LGBTQ. Honestly, if these organizations and countries pulled back their Aid Uganda’s economy will suffer immensely.

These traits are being promoted by the Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) and the international schools and communities in Uganda. NGOs like Tranz Network Uganda, Amnesty International Uganda and BRAZZ Uganda promote the LGBTQ agenda in Uganda. They do this by recruiting young children and paying them huge sums of money, promising to take them to foreign countries and telling them it’s okay to be gay. When the government tries to shut down these organizations, the elite Ugandans are always the first to fight against the government.

Change of lifestyle, another serious issue most people haven’t looked at. People don’t pray anymore nor go to church or the mosque for God’s guidance. People are preferring hanging out and watching TV which is misleading our children to think everything they see is okay.

But as a society and a country, there is still hope in fighting this immoral behavior out of our communities;

Involvement of the whole community starting from the local leadership to traditional leaders of the community to church and mosque leaders. This is an everybody’s fight to teach the youth and children the African heritage and Norms.

Secondly, cancel the international schools that promote LGBTQ. Parents should get to know these schools and stop taking their children there.

Parents should talk and advise their children about acceptable sexual behaviors. Take the children to church and mosques so that they can grow knowing good morals.

In conclusion, the LGBTQ issue may seem bigger than our country because we as a country still need the funding from these PRO-LGBTQ organizations and countries but we can fight this immorality at a communal level by involving everyone in the society.


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