Is Bobi Wine’s Hate Speech a Symptom of Ideological Disorientation?


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During his mobilisation tour in Luwero on August 8, 2023, Bobi Wine made a statement suggesting that President Museveni may not be of Ugandan origin. He added that Museveni exploited the people of Luwero as a means to ascend to power, showing no concern for their well-being. He proceeded to encourage the Baganda to remove President Museveni and fight for the protection of their properties.

Bobi Wine added that a select few from the ruling class have unlawfully acquired vast stretches of land from Buganda, while also warning the Baganda against passively witnessing the seizure of their land.

“They own everything. They have taken square miles of the land of our grandfathers. They are wasting money on birthday celebrations. Museveni is trying to impose on us his foolish son. Museveni thinks he will build his monarchy on the bones of our grandfathers. That can never ever happen again,” he said

In the early 1990s, a hate campaign was propagated through radio stations in Rwanda, ultimately leading to the occurrence of the genocide. The Hutu, who had been in power since the 1960s, incited violence and genocide against the Tutsi. The Tutsi, who were the majority victims and primary targets, had been under Hutu domination for over 35 years.In Uganda, the Baganda people hold a dominant position in the Buganda region, while other tribes hold dominance in their respective regions.

Bobi Wine’s message about poverty, extreme wastage, and systemic corruption in the country could be factual and compelling. However, it becomes concerning when he adds tribal undertones and starts blaming innocent citizens who are also impoverished, simply because they are associated with those in power. This approach is dangerous and has the potential to incite desperation and anger among the people, which could lead to disastrous consequences.

All Ugandans must strongly condemn this type of politics. Uganda is a country with multiple tribes, and it is important for any aspiring leader to acknowledge this fact. It is crucial to recognise that no single tribe or region can guarantee the success of a presidential candidate in an election.

The unpredictability lies in the fact that Buganda is a region with a diverse tribal mix, and there is much at stake for the Baganda people as well.

Bobi Wine’s political approach has predominantly relied on emotions and sectarian speeches, rather than rationality and substantive ideas. Consequently, this aspect of his politics may not be particularly appealing.

This occurs during a period when politicians are diligently striving to establish unity for the purpose of economic development and to resist foreign imperialism and neo-colonialism.

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