FDC NEW WAR! Dr. Besigye’s Katonga Faction Trashes Special Elders’ Committee Report


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Rtd. Col. Dr. Kizza Besigye, a four-time Presidential candidate turned ‘activist’, through Doreen Nyanjura, Deputy Lord Mayor of Kampala Capital City and member of the FDC, has written to FDC members and rejected in the strongest terms the outcome of the Special Elders Committee report, appointed to resolve a specific dispute among senior FDC party leaders.

According to Dr. Besigye’s mouthpiece, Nyanjura, the report that was shared with the National Council headed by Wasswa Birigwa exonerated Amuriat and Nandala of any wrongdoing, something that the Katonga faction greatly disputes due to a number of factors.

“We reject the elders report; it is biased, and we believe Nandala and Amuriat could have bribed the members to rule in their favor. We are challenging it under the following: the Quorum (locked out of the NC meeting), no proof of investigations, amount of the dirty money received, the ghost or angelic lender of the dirty money, lack of seriousness, undisclosed expenditures of the dirty money, conflict within the Elders’ Committee,” Nyanjura’s report read in part.

Nyanjura continues that, the recommendations of the Elders’ Committee, which include tolerance and reconciliation, cannot take place in an environment where intimidation, mistrust, evasion of accountability, connivance, violence, and deceit persist and are perpetuated by the Party leadership. These vices have eaten up the soul or kernel of the party, and since the opportunity to deal head-on with some of these ills through the Elders’ Committee has failed, other means will be sought.

However, according to Jack Sabiti, one of the founding members of FDC, the special elders committee queried all the aggrieved parties, who clearly answered all questions posed by the committee members, from which they derived their conclusions, and asked all parties to exercise tolerance and reconciliation for the good of the party.

“We are however shocked and disappointed in Dr. Besigye’s desire to keep inventing confusion in the party, and their rejection of the suggestions from the special elders committee claiming there was conflict among the members and bribery is absurd, yet we are aware he planted Stanley Katembeya in the committee to spy for him,” Sabaiti said.

Sabiti was quick to add that, “Dr. Besigye’s desire to come back to elective politics and staying at the top like a small god has blinded him from what the party really needs; right now he is using the same tactics he used to get Mugisha Muntu out of FDC on a more vibrant, energetic, smart team that will waste no time in placing him in his place and reminding him that FDC is not his personal property.”

According to Ofwono Opondo the government spokesperson, Dr. Besigye will continue destroying and sinking the remains of the ship he once captained out of greed and a need for revenge.

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