FDC Amuriat Punches Holes in NUP Leadership


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The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party President, Patrick Amuriat Oboi has punched holes in the leadership of National Unity Platform (NUP) blaming them for not offering enough direction to Ugandans outside parliament.

According to Amuriat, NUP’s none parliamentarians are like chicks left in the heart of jungles by their mother.

He revealed this NUP leadership decay during an interview televised by one of the local televisions on Tuesday.

“NUP by the fact that it makes the majority opposition in parliament should provide leadership both in the August house and outside it,” He said.

He said that he does not see NUP effective outside Parliament saying the challenge with it is lack of institutional leadership unlike his party Forum for Democratic Change (FDC).

“We (FDC) are the leading opposition in the country as distinguished from the leading opposition party in Parliament. We have structures in all villages in this country,” he added.

Amuriat accused NUP and other opposition parties of betraying them regardless of the pacts signed. He referred to such acts as hypocrisy.

He said that as FDC have never dreamed of being the leading opposition party in parliament and it is never their current goal.

This has come at a time when many Ugandan Political actors have discredited NUP for anchoring itself in Buganda something which has caused tribalism and disunity in the country.

The Dokolo woman Member of Parliament also a member of FDC party, Cecilia Ogwal said whereas she applauds the fact that NUP has numerically empowered the opposition in the eleventh Parliament, their major weakness is identifying themselves with one ethnicity.

“NUP is a political party that has decided to anchor itself in Buganda and when you anchor yourself in Buganda, what is the common issue that usually unites Buganda, ‘ebyaffe’ our things,” she said.

FDC’s Amuriat attributed the escalating divisions in NUP supporters in Busoga region to NUP crippled leadership institutions.

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