Cracks in United Forces of Change as Muntu, FDC-Najjanankumbi Shun Joint Opposition Presser


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The United Forces of Change, a coalition of opposition political parties in Uganda, has already shown cracks before takeoff after several groupings that were supposed to be part of it opted out.

On Tuesday, January 16, 2024, a coalition of parties, which include the National Unity Platform (NUP), Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), Alliance for National Transformation (ANT), Democratic Party (DP), and Uganda People’s Congress (UPC), organised a joint press conference at Kizza Besigye’s office, Katonga Road, Kampala, to highlight how they jointly intend to oust the current President.

However, the DP, UPC, FDC-Najjanankumbi faction, and the leader of the ANT, Maj. Gen. Mugisha Muntu, abandoned the press conference, citing political and ideological differences with some of the members of the coalition.

The conference was left for only Robert Kyagulanyi, the leader of NUP; Erias Lukwago, President of the FDC Katonga faction; former FDC Leader Dr. Kizza Besigye; and Winnie Kizza, who are united by their belief in defiance and the use of violence to cause regime change.

According to a reliable source from NUP power circles, prior to the press conference, Maj. Gen. Muntu held a meeting with Kyagulanyi, where he reiterated that he can never step foot in Katonga over his differences with Besigye.

The other grouping who didn’t attend cited the continued practice by certain opposition leaders who have made it a norm to talk ill about their country, saying that even though they don’t agree with the current regime, maligning their own country is not in their interest.

Kyagulanyi, who also attended for the love of publicity, has issues with Kizza Besigye, who is planning to front his wife in the 2026 presidential elections. He fears that, given her experience and exposure, Byanyima will sway away his LGBTQ funders, rendering him incapable of sustaining a campaign.

On several occasions, Uganda’s opposition political groupings have attempted to form coalitions to oust the NRM government; however, all their efforts have been futile due to treachery and greed. With such a beginning, it is evident that the United Forces of Change is headed for the same fate.

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