BREAKING: Jim Muhwezi’s Visit to USA Splits NUP in Boston-USA


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Following a recent visit to the USA on July 10, 2023, by the Minister of Security Jim Muhwezi, a fresh row has erupted among the NUP supporters in Boston over the billions of money that have always been collected by a faction of the party leaders in disguise to support political causes in Uganda.

According to sources in the NUP chapter in Boston, USA, some of its members secretly met with Minister Muhwezi which sparked panic in the faction led by a one Daniel Kavuma who suspected that the members had disclosed information about billions of moneys that are being collected by some Ugandans in the Diaspora to fund crime back in Uganda.

A Boston-based source who wished to remain anonymous for reasons of personal safety claimed that a group of radical NUP supporters under the leadership of Daniel Kavuma have been covertly raising money to support political causes while using it to finance actions of civil disobedience and defiance in Uganda. The source revealed that a section of the group that was not in support of these illicit activities took advantage of the visit by the Minister of Security to present to him this critical information about the safety of Ugandans.

The Minister had travelled to Boston on a private venture to visit his fellow kinsmen under the umbrella of the International Community of Banyakigezi (ICOB), who routinely hold get-togethers in the diaspora. The visit, however, turned into a working trip when some members from NUP called for his attention on the rot that is going on in NUP Boston USA Chapter.

Information from the source reveals that after realising that he was in danger for leading criminal fundraising, Danniel Kavuma, who is incriminated in this case, out of panic has started haunting fellow NUP supporters that he suspects could have leaked information to the Minister of Security. Kavuma also took on a campaign to paint the Minister dirty over previously concluded cases in the hope of diverting investigations against him.

Information coming to the Explorers investigative desk reveals that Kavuma has been carrying out his criminal arrangements from Baltimore, Maryland, United States, where he has been conniving with David Wantate, who works as treasurer for the NUP team. Revelation that Kavuma and Wantate are involved in illicit financial flows to Uganda, where they are funding crime, has left NUP in the USA and split with Charity Nakabuye, who is Kavuma’s vice, threatening to break away and join the NRM fraternity in the USA.

The Explorer investigative desk saw a NUP-headed statement signed by Daniel Kavuma that called for Ugandans to condemn the reception of Jim Muhwezi in the Boston community. However, a source has exposed the letter as an ill-motivated move to block investigations that are being carried out on him by fellow NUP supporters in Boston who accuse him of constantly milking money from them, which he uses for personal gains and funding crime in Uganda, including the previous ferrying of accident victims to Kenya for parading as torture victims.

Conversing with a source, she revealed that Kavuma is a Member of the Ugandan Diaspora Health Network, a Managing director of Temba Investments, and a doctor who is involved in political activism, human rights activism, and poverty alleviation, which he uses as a perfect cover for his criminal agendas.

The Uganda Boston Community Association comprises all Ugandans from all regions, but the International Community of Banyakigezi, which Minister Muhwezi had gone to attend, is an event specifically for Banyakigezi and friends.

The event was also attended by other Banyakigezi dignitaries, like the Minister of ICT, who hails from Kanungu district.

Sources have indicated that Kavuma and his NUP associates in Boston are in the uttermost panic over the overwhelming information that could lead to charges of funding political anarchy, terrorism, and espionage against Uganda.

Kavuma is a close associate of NUP party president Kyagulanyi Robert, also known as Bobi Wine, and Erias Lukwago of the FDC.

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