Bobi Wine’s Failed Gamble With Politics See’s Him Return to Music


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Robert Kyagulanyi, AKA Bobi Wine, has been struggling with a failed political career that has nearly bankrupted him, as the gay communities, both in the Diaspora and here, who are the main funders of his political career, are concerned about their future in Uganda with the passed anti-gay bill and have stopped financially supporting him.

According to reports, the principal’s extravagant expenditures depleted NUP’s coffers to the point of near-bankruptcy. With piles of invoices and demands, Kyagulanyi had no alternative but to return to the studio in order to maintain and preserve his lavish lifestyle.

A source states that Kyagulanyi features his right hand man, Nubian Li, whom he trusts with his life, making it apparent that he is back into the music industry.

“With Nubian Li by his side, one knows the ghetto gladiator is back, and we love it. We had missed him in this industry; politics was not good for him,” said the source.

According to the Fire Base boss, whose intent is introduced in a four and a half-minute track produced by Sir Dan Magic, there are two-faced hypocrites in society, and that’s why he stuck to his closest friends, Nubian Li, Feffe Bussi, Sizzaman, and Zex Bilangilangi.

“I had missed this group; Labisa exposes fake friends, sellouts, bad people, toxic influences politically, and dishonest people who claimed to support me in my political career and ended up working for the other side. With music, there is no stress; I feel alive and so energetic,” Kyagulanyi said.

However, sources reveal that Labisa is about exposing Hon. Mathias Mpuuga’s treachery and two-faced toxic influence, which has damaged Bobi Wine’s political career since he put his whole trust in him despite warnings from his Diaspora supporters.

“The principal is most hurt by Mpuuga’s betrayal, which is why he agreed with the NUP team in the Diaspora to run a hash tag, ‘Mpuuga must go,’ spearheaded by NUP diehard, Justice Hunter in the Diaspora,” the source revealed.

After releasing only a few of songs over the course of five years, Bobi Wine has shown his fans that they will be hearing more music from him in the future with less politics.

Near-bankruptcy due to the withdrawal of LGBT benefactors, political betrayal, and a failing political career have all led Kyagulanyi back to square one.

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