Bobi Wine Defends Mufumbiro for Criticising Ssegirinya


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Robert Kyagulanyi, the President of the National Unity Platform party, commonly known as Bobi Wine, recently addressed Mohammed Ssegirinya, the MP for Kawempe North on the NUP ticket. In his message, Bobi Wine urged Ssegirinya to show respect towards his fellow party members and refrain from airing internal conflicts in public.

Ssegirinya and Alex Wasswa Mufumbiro had a disagreement regarding Ssegirinya’s sickness. Mufumbiro accused Ssegirinya of feigning sickness and seeking attention and financial support from both Ugandans and the party.

“Ssegirinya, had no right to solicit for funds for his treatment, am sure he is not as sick as he claims, how can a very sick person sneak out of the country for treatment and make TikTok videos, anyway in my line of duty, my work is to defend the party, and in doing so you expect causalities and Ssegirinya is just one of the many we will hurt along the way,” Mufumbiro stated.

The narrative didn’t sit well with Ssegirinya, who had recently returned from receiving medical treatment abroad. Feeling offended, he responded by telling Mufumbiro that he should never attend his funeral if things were to take a turn for the worse.

“I heard the statements Mufumbiro made, everyone else was sending me good wishes, apart from him, who claimed I was faking the sickness,  and using NUP to put it in dispute among its leaders. I have told my mum that Mufumbiro should never attend my burial,” said Ssegirinya.

Bobi Wine expressed his disappointment and labelled Ssegirinya’s actions as a disgrace to the party. He criticised Ssegirinya for engaging in an altercation with Mufumbiro, stating that it reflects poorly on his character and may have negative consequences for him in his constituency in 2026.

“I will continue to remind Ssegirinya that his actions are being closely watched by the party; we will not hesitate to have him replaced. Should this kind of behaviour continue, he should know that, as a party we have the last say on who should represent the party on the NUP ticket. I advise him to make peace and apologise to the party and Mufumbiro,” said Bobi Wine.

However, according to Ronald Matovu, one of Ssegirniya’s diehards, the statements made by Bobi Wine and Mufumbiro are selfish and cause divisions among the party members, since the aggrieved person is Ssegirinya and not Mufumbiro.

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