UPDF Applauds Professionalism of Soldiers Amidst Attack by Civilians in Kayunga


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The Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF) has commended the high level of professionalism exhibited by its soldiers who were attacked by civilians while on routine patrol in Kayunga District on October 23, 2023.

Major Charles Kabona, the UPDF 1 Infantry Division Spokesperson, said that while the soldiers were conducting a routine patrol, they were attacked by unruly civilians who were having wrangles over a land dispute.

“I would like to commend our soldiers for portraying the highest degree of professionalism and refraining from using maximum force despite the humiliation they went through. It could have turned fatal,” Kabona said.

It is alleged that the conflict arose from His Royal Highness the Sabbanyala of Buruli Kimeze having sold the land to GM Company Limited, but the family members were against it.

“There has been a family wrangle among family members that culminated in the attack on our soldiers. The soldiers are deployed there to protect GM Company Limited and the surrounding areas,” Kabona said.

Kabona warned the public to refrain from attacking the security forces, as this can be counterproductive. He strongly condemned the unfortunate incident and called upon the members of the public to avoid mob justice.

This follows a video clip making the rounds on social media showing a group of civilians armed with sticks attacking and manhandling the UPDF soldiers.

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