Obore faults NUP secretariat for spreading unfounded information about Parliament


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The Director, Communication and Public Affairs at parliament of Uganda, Obore Chris has issued a letter rubbishing the leadership of National Unity Platform on spreading information regarding the ugshs.40M purportedly given to members of parliament.

Obore has faulted the NUP secretariat on continuously stating issues without evidence and the recent being on the “40Million bonanza”.

Information about a 40M grant to the MPs to help them survive high commodity prices had sparked off concerns among Ugandans on social media

Obore said that despite all this, NUP has gone ahead to incite the public against parliament, yet parliament is an institution that represents the people of different political opinions.

He added that even if the money were to be issued, it isn’t factual that it would be given out from the residence of the speaker as the NUP secretariat had insinuated. He said money allocated to each MP goes through the right channels from the consolidated fund to the individual bank account of the MP.

According to Obore, NUP should pursue the office of the IGG if they perceive if they perceive the said money to be illegal.

“The image of the parliament should not be sacrificed at the altar of internal party intrigues. Parliament belongs to all citizens, not an individual political party, therefore; respect to Parliament is respect to citizens”. Obore said.

He said that the leaders of National Unity Platform have on several occasions uttered allegations against the 11th parliament that has made the public lose confidence in their representatives.


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