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NUP MP Malende used witch-doctor to treat acute illness

The invisible secrets behind the persistent mysterious illness of the opposition People power lawyer and the Kampala woman MP Shamim Malende have been exposed.

Since her election, the politically aggressive young lawyer, Malende has not had it rosy from the time she took over as the Kampala Woman Member of Parliament.

However in the recent months she has been battling an acute but unknown illness.

Sources close to her family revealed that several doctors around Kampala had reportedly failed to diagnose and offer progressive medical attention, a move that caused extensive anguish to her family members.

A source revealed that in an attempt to resolve her mystery, MP Malende’s parents reportedly abandoned Kampala doctors and swiftly took her to a prominent witch-doctor seeking for a promising treatment from a certain ritual shrine within Buganda region.

Another source told us that some of her family members had wanted her to be flown out of the country for specialized medical treatment.

“Obulamubwe bwakomawo nga tumaze kukgalira omusawo omuganda, after we had visited the witchdoctor within Buganda here, and conducting rituals, Shamim’s health was restored, we thank our gods for restoring her,” said a family member.

The source revealed that throughout the process of delivering her to the witch-doctor, her terrified mother was overheard blaming one of her opponents for the mystery.

It is further said, Malende’s mother openly blamed former Kampala woman MP Nabilah Naggayi Sempala (FDC) for masterminding her mysterious illness in a move to pave way for her to reclaim the seat come 2026.

Since she returned, MP Malende maintained that she recovered because of her parent’s persistent prayer.

Before joining People Power opposition politics, Malende was prominent as a Pro- bono lawyer who supported many suspects on trial but things have since changed from free legal support to cash for legal service.


Steve Mungereza
Steve Mungereza
Sociopolitical Analyst. Coverage of National and Regional news stories.

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