Lukwago Criticised for Laziness, Hindering Kampala Development


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Herbert Burora Anderson, the Resident City Commissioner (RCC) for Lubaga Division, has accused Erias Lukwago, the Lord Mayor of Kampala City, and his council of interfering with the government’s efforts to restore sanity in the city as police prepare to resume their campaign against unlicensed boda-boda drivers on Monday, July 31, 2023.

Burora also accused Erias Lukwago of being limited in his ability to differentiate politics from service, a fact that has hampered the development of Kampala City.

“Until we differentiate politics from service, we will not move forward. If we had not been interrupted by the Lazy Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago and his council, by now we would have reached far,” Burora said.

This has come at a time when the police are set to take stringent measures against the boda-boda motorists operating in the City without licences. According to Michael Kananura, the spokesperson for the Traffic and Road Safety Directorate, culprits will be arrested and have their vehicles impounded.

“Effective next week on Monday, we shall carry out massive operations targeting all motorists on roads without licence. Culprits will be arrested, their machines impounded, and they will face the courts of law. They will be tasked with first obtaining driving permits before getting back their motorcycles,” said Kananura.

According to Kananura, the crackdown is not only focused on unlicensed motorists but also drunken riders and those under the influence of narcotic substances.

The riders who ignored the registration process after receiving encouragement from Lukwago, according to Burora, will pay a price.

“Riders who were hoodwinked and misled will suffer severe consequences. Inform your Boda men,” he said.

The Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) issued a statement directing all boda-boda riders operating in Kampala to register so as to create a public transport order, revamp the safety and security of boda-boda riders and their passengers, and establish an online database for riders and their motorcycles.

However, according to Dickson Mujuni, the Secretary General for Boda-boda Kampala Central Division, Lukwago hid in the interpretation of the law to sabotage the efforts to streamline motorists by politicising the process.

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