Joel Ssenyonyi’s Contradicting Statements on Auditor General’s Award Raise Doubts


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Joel Ssenyonyi, the Leader of Opposition (LOP) in the 11th Parliament, has found himself in hot water over his contradictory statements regarding a proposed service award for the Auditor General. The controversy arose when Ssenyonyi issued conflicting statements both in parliament and on social media.

During a recent parliamentary session on April 11, 2024, Ssenyonyi seconded a motion to grant the outgoing Auditor General a service award worth Ugx. 500 million, along with other benefits equivalent to half of what the current Auditor General receives. He suggested a one-time payment of half a billion Ugandan shillings, a fully furnished house or cash equivalent of Ugx. 200 million, a medical allowance, a car worth Ugx. 200 million, monthly security, car repairs, and fuel expenses of Ugx. 200 million, and an official state burial upon death.

However, shortly after his parliamentary address, Ssenyonyi took to Twitter under his handle @JoelSsenyonyi, posting a tweet that contradicted his earlier stance. In the tweet, he mentioned that a motion had been passed to award the Auditor General a service award of one billion Ugandan shillings, but it was ultimately reduced to 500 million Ugandan shillings despite resistance from some members.

Joel Ssenyonyi’s post shortly after the plenary session

Ssenyonyi explained in his tweet that he believed the Auditor General was already entitled to pension, gratuity, and other benefits, making an additional service award unnecessary.

These conflicting statements made by Ssenyonyi have raised concerns among the public about his moral character and ability to fulfill his role as the Leader of Opposition effectively. Doubts have been cast on his readiness to hold the government accountable and effectively articulate important matters.

This is not the first time that Ssenyonyi has faced scrutiny for issuing contradictory statements. Last month, he denied requesting a five-day per diem to visit Muhammed Ssegirinyi in a Nairobi hospital, claiming he only requested one day. However, a document signed by Ssenyonyi proved otherwise, revealing the inconsistency in his statements.

It is worth noting that this is not the first instance where the issue of a service award has arisen. Previously, a service award was given to Mathias Mpuuga at the end of his tenure as the Leader of Opposition, which caused significant backlash from Ssenyonyi and the NUP party. Yet, Ssenyonyi has now seconded the proposal for the Auditor General’s service award, leaving many to question his stance and inconsistency regarding such awards.

As the public evaluates Ssenyonyi’s actions and statements, the concern over his ability to uphold his word and fulfill his responsibilities as the Leader of Opposition continues to grow. The people now await further clarification from Ssenyonyi to address the conflicting statements and provide a clear stance on the matter.

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