INTERNAL WAR: NUP MPs Demand to Replace Party President Bobi Wine Over LGBTQ+ Stance


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A faction of National Unity Platform (NUP) Members of Parliament reportedly held a secret meeting to strategize the replacement of Party President Bobi Wine. This move comes in the wake of Bobi Wine’s recent comments on BBC regarding homosexuality, which has triggered backlash within the party and among constituents.

Sources indicate that the meeting, spearheaded by Abed Bwanika, Member of Parliament for Kimanya-Kabonera constituency, took place at a private residence in Nakawa over the weekend. The discussions revolved around the future of NUP under Bobi Wine’s leadership, particularly his alignment with LGBTQ+ issues.

“The MPs said that they should look at Bobi Wine’s utterances and their effects seriously, Ugandans are against homosexuality, and identifying with them at this moment is suicidal politically, adding that, he has been silent on the issue, opening up now and making the statements he made, was very dangerous and they said that the matter is sensitive and it should be handled with care,” said the source.

Betty Nambooze, representing Mukono Municipality, reportedly voiced concerns about the repercussions of supporting homosexuality, citing warnings and threats from her constituents. Bwanika emphasized that Bobi Wine’s previous silence on the matter during parliamentary debates had eroded public trust in NUP, portraying the party as prioritizing personal financial gains and endorsing controversial social stances.

“My people are already on edge; they have been sending me threatening letters, and now they are voicing their concerns openly,” said Nambooze.

The backlash stems from Bobi Wine’s remarks during the BBC interview, where he stated that he had banned his song ‘Batty Man’ to secure a UK visa, which had been denied for a decade due to the song’s content. His comments about personal growth and change, alongside implications about NUP MPs’ allegiances, were interpreted as an open endorsement of homosexuality, fueling the push to replace him as party president.

This development highlights escalating tensions within NUP and sets the stage for potential leadership upheaval as members grapple with the fallout from Bobi Wine’s recent statements and their implications for the party’s future.

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