FDC President Eng. Patrick Amuriat Oboi out of the shell, will it change much?


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On 12th May 2023, Eng. Amuriat held a meeting with a group of youths from Kampala metropolitan, where they discussed a number of things among which are the fights and disagreements in the party that have led to breakaways.

During the meeting, he advised the team to have faith in the party, as they come up with means of streamlining the leadership of the party.

According to Amuriat, they need youths in raising awareness and to bring about the desired change in the party, and called upon the youths to stay active and alert so that whatever is happening in FDC is not just told to them, but have first hand information and help in running the party.

β€œI agree our leadership in FDC is lacking, but with you the young generation, and our guidance we can achieve some of our goals. I know and am hopeful that whoever will come after me, will not ignore some obvious things that have let the party down,” Amuriat said.

However, according to Isa Wetaka, one of the youths at the meeting, Amuriat has been one of the weak and unpopular Party presidents FDC has ever had, adding that he seems to be making a comeback but it may be too late.

β€œGone are the days when we would have large gatherings, but now we are just a counted number, and as youths we blame all these on our failed leadership especially under Amuriat. He has been so lukewarm, coming out now won’t change much. Numbers decreased, fights and breakaways are on the increase,” Wetaka said.

Wetaka further revealed that even if the youths remained committed and determined, the FDC leadership will let them down. So they feel their royalty and faith in the party is misplaced.

Yusuf Serunkuma, a political analyst notes that poverty of leadership in FDC, including high levels of corruption, malice, backstabbing and moles within the party for financial gain has left
FDC, a shell of what it used to be. A lot needs to be done to turn it around other than holding meetings to encourage the youths to stay committed.

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