Bizarre: Dr. Spire’s Appetite for University Girls Forces Him to Join Comedy


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Dr. Jimmy Spire Ssentongo of Spire Cartoons in the Weekly Observer newspaper has been an Associate Professor at Uganda Martyrs University and part-time lecturer in the Department of Philosophy at Makerere University.

The soft-spoken cartoonist, has attracted the attention of most Ugandans especially the elite class through his activism using funny cartoons on the different mainstream and social media platforms. 

Spire is known of using cartoons to describe the state of affairs in Uganda especially in the areas of politics, governance and socio-economic status of citizens. In his cartoons, he critiques both the current government in power and the opposition. 

This has left many Ugandans questioning Spire’s motive with some claiming that he is using cartoons to attract public attention from the masses and thereby building his political capital. 

However, according to Marion (second name withheld) a former student of Philosophy at Makerere University, Spire is a master of trickery who uses his cartoons to fool people while using young University girls for especially extramarital affairs.  

“Spire the renowned cartoonist enjoys from his sweat. He does not embrace the lecture rooms for free and he knows how to prey on his young University students,” Marion stated. 

Marion also revealed that Spire has been sexually harassing several cliques of University girls promising them of different favors including free marks during examinations. She says that her friend Latipha Kazibwe fell victim of Spire’s trickery and got pregnant with a promise of marriage but he never kept the promise. 

“Since her boyfriend (Spire) denied the responsibility, she was forced to terminate pregnancy in order to be able to complete her studies,” Marion said.  

According to sources, accumulated pressure from several University girls that Spire impregnated, and threats to expose him for failure to provide care and maintenance for his children have forced Spire to go into pre-mature retirement from his teaching duties both at Makerere and Uganda Martyrs Universities due to fear of being exposed. 

On 24th March 2023, Dr. Spire held his first comedy show at the National theatre dubbed “This Country laughs a lot.” The comedy show was attended by different dignitaries from academia, politicians both from government and opposition as well as ordinary Ugandans. 

Media reports close to Dr. Spire’s circles indicate that the talented cartoonist is planning to capitalize from the popularity he has acquired from the funny cartoons to join the comedy industry hoping for greener pastures and more naive and desperate girls.   

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