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High Court dismisses application against suspension of Makerere Guild elections

Four Makerere University students are in trouble after the High Court in Kampala dismissed their application against the suspension of guild elections with costs. On...

NRM Wins Overall National Outcome Of The 2020/2021 Guild Presidential Elections

The NRM has scooped 11 wins in 16 universities which constitutes about 69% making it the leading party in Guild Presidential elections in universities. Since...

Makerere: A Culture of Mediocrity and Political Opportunism

The  university  has  been  a  bedrock  of  political  activism  and,  like  in  most  places  around  the  world,  has been the hotspot of ideals for change in many spheres of the wider public life.

Makerere crisis being fueled by anti government enemies

I am writing as Makerere University alumnus who shares the pride of having gone through the mighty ivory tower. I have watched with pain as...

Minister Muyingo Asks Public Universities Staff To Stay Calm

The state minister for higher education John Chrysostom Muyingo has asked the public to stay calm following the announcement by staff from all public universities to down their tools next semester.

Public University Staff Threaten New Strike Over Shs30 Billion Salary Arrears

Teaching and non-teaching staff in 9 public universities across the country have announced a strike starting next semester in January 2019, citing failure by government to pay their Shs29.5 billion for their salary enhancement.