Bishop Kibuuka of Mamre Namugongo Condemns Religious Ridicule, Calls for Unity on Martyrs’ Day


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In a fiery sermon delivered during the Martyrs’ Day celebrations, Jacinto Kibuuka, the church chairman of the Christian Crumenical Council of Uganda (CECU) and head of the Mamre International Prayer Centre, criticized religious leaders and their followers for mocking those who converted from Catholicism, Anglicanism, and other religions to his Evangelical Orthodox Church.

Speaking today, June 3, 2024, to a congregation of over 15,000 people, Bishop Kibuuka called for an end to religious segregation and intolerance.

“Religious intolerance! Some of our people walking all the way from Mpigi were abused by other Christians, questioning their motives for joining our church,” he lamented.

Bishop Kibuuka urged his congregation to embrace the principles of inclusivity and reject acts of ridicule and discrimination. He stressed the importance of acceptance and unity within the Christian community, stating that such behaviour goes against the teachings of Christ.

MP Gerald Nangoli, the guest of honour at the event, turned the focus towards corruption. Referring to recent allegations against certain MPs, he urged Ugandans to hold their leaders accountable for the misappropriation of public funds.

Nangoli emphasised the significance of leaving a legacy built on integrity and genuine service to the country, rather than striving for material wealth acquired through illegitimate means.

“We must learn from the martyrs. Building luxury flats and accumulating wealth will not define our legacy. Instead, it is the positive impact we have on the lives of Ugandans that truly matters,” MP Nangoli passionately proclaimed.

MP Nangoli speaking to Journalists at Mamre International Prayer

Expressing his gratitude to the government for ensuring tight security during the event, the Vice chairman of CECU Bishop Bahemuka also requested recognition of the church site as a national tourist attraction. This request is based on the legend surrounding the historical place, where the machetes and weapons used to martyr the faithful were allegedly cleansed.

This monument behind the Mamre Church marks the spot where machetes used kill Martyrs were washed from
This monument was built behind the Mamre Church to mark exact the spot where machetes used kill Martyrs were washed from

The Martyrs’ Day celebrations were attended by dignitaries, including veteran politician and senior presidential advisor Hajji Abdul Nadduli, business leaders, and Members of Parliament. The event also drew clergymen from neighbouring countries affiliating with the Evangelical Orthodox Church, as well as over 30 bishops from various parts of Africa, including Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya, South Sudan, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

CECU is an umbrella body for six religions that include: Evangelical Orthodox Church, Charismatic Episcopal Church, Worldwide Anglican Church, Orthodox Anglican Church, Reformed Anglican Church, Orthodox Anglican church

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