Details of NUP’s Illicit Financial Dealings Exposed


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The National Unity Platform (NUP) party incomes and expenditures have been explained and broken down in the party’s financial statement as prepared by the office of the secretary general, where the greatest beneficiaries of all the monies collected are Bobi Wine’s close relatives and friends.

According to a statement seen by this publication of the income and expenditure statements of NUP as of February 15, 2023, a total of Ugx 9,534,000,000 billion is collected from various NUP chapters in the Diaspora and locally.

The benefactors include the rainbow group-San Francisco (said to be the capital city of homosexuals in America), the electoral commission gives Ugx 441,000,000 per month, and also every NUP Member of Parliament contributes UGX 1,000,000 per month, amounting to Ugx 57, 000,000 per month, among other contributors.

The NUP income and expenditure statement indicates that most of the NUP finances are from the NUP chapter in the Diaspora, whose total collection annually amounts to UGx. 9,534, 000,000 billion, and out of these billions, Bobi Wine and members of his family enjoy up to a tune of Ugx 4,716,000,000, leaving Ugx. 4,818,000,000 shared amongst his close friends and legal team.

“Bobi Wine spends UGX 2,382,000,000 billion, Barbie Kyagulanyi Ugx 660,000,000, Fred Nyanzi Ugx 936,000,000, Nubian Lee Ugx 432,000,000, and the fire base crew Ugx 396,000,000 million. All these persons and groups spend the money on stipends, travel, fuel, entertainment, and travel, among others,“ as per the statement.

In the same statement, rent is paid to Bobi Wine for office space he rents to the party at Kamwokya.

However, many NUP supporters have questioned Bobi Wine’s decision to have the party pay rent on his property.

“One is challenged to question: why would rent be paid to Bobi Wine, or why would he rent office space to his own party and not let other individuals rent and earn that income? Must the finances be kept within the family alone?” Kabuye, a NUP supporter queried.

“I am left to wonder whether such persons earning all this money from being in opposition would really have the time and day to want to question government over unfinished pledges and strive for better service delivery since their purpose as opposition is to help put government in check,” he added.

The income and expenditure statement has raised eyebrows and questions among supporters and citizens who fear that the corruption and nepotism in NUP will be the end of the party.

Political experts state that such gross misuse of party funds may see the party disbanded before the 2026 general elections.

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