Security Increased in Rupa Sub County as Karamojong Warriors Spark Fear in Locals 


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Suspected Karamojong warriors have sparked fear in communities along the Rupa-Nakiloro road in eastern Uganda, prompting a surge in security presence.

A series of attacks, including ambushes, abductions, and thefts, have plagued Rupa Sub County and Lotisan in recent weeks. The warriors, believed to hail from areas near Mount Moroto, have targeted both locals and travellers.

The most recent incident occurred on May 29th, 2024, when Rachel Ainyo Osana, a nurse at Kakingol Health Centre III, was robbed of her belongings and Ugx 200,000 while travelling on the Nakiloro-Napedo road. Despite a swift response by security forces, no arrests were made.

Another victim, a boda boda rider known only as Lokiru, was ambushed on his way from Lokiriama to Moroto town. He, along with a businesswoman passenger, were robbed of Kenyan shillings 5,000, Ugandan shillings 50,000, 20 grammes of gold, and two mobile phones.

John Lokiru, another boda boda rider, expressed fear for his livelihood. He stated that this is the third such incident in just a week and called for increased security measures.

“We can no longer travel freely,” Lokiru lamented. “The warriors move around with guns and target cyclists for their phones and money.”

In response to these concerns, Michael Longole, the Mt. Moroto Regional Police Spokesperson, assured the public that security has been bolstered across Rupa Sub County.

“We have increased visibility in the Nakiloro area and implemented mobile patrols due to repeated complaints from the community,” Longole emphasized. “Our aim is to secure the lives and property of those living and travelling through the Nakiloro area to the Kenyan border.”

“The situation is under control,” Longole asserted. “Investigations are ongoing, and anyone with information that can lead to arrests is encouraged to confidentially approach our security personnel.”

Longole urged residents and travellers to report any attacks immediately to ensure a swift response. He also appealed for public cooperation to apprehend the criminal gangs.

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