Apologize or Face Legal Wrath: Old Kampala Hospital Tells Lukwago, Kabanda


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Old Kampala hospital that was put in the limelight by Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago’s unfounded lies, has threatened legal action against Lukwago and his client Faisal Kabanda if an apology is not issued to the hospital.

According to the hospital management, the lies that were spread through Lukwago’s Facebook page on 11th October 2022, and other news outlets, about an illegal harvest of Kabanda’s kidney by the hospital surgeon were unfounded and based on falsehoods.

Old Kampala Hospital Spokesperson, Ashiraf Zziwa Muvawala said the hospital will not let Lukwago get away with his lies, which he is accustomed to that damage institutions and individuals.

According to Muvawala, the hospital has issued an ultimatum to Lukwago and his client to quickly apologize for their lies about the hospital and their staff.

“Although we insisted that we did not tamper with Kabanda’s internal structures, Kabanda guided by his Lawyer Lukwago went ahead to spread lies and insisted otherwise, even when the hospital had offered the right information, they both need to apologize,” said Muvawala.

An independent report by the Uganda Medical and dental practitioner’s council (UMDPC), mandated by government to protect the public from unsafe practices of medical and dental practitioners concluded that Kabanda was born with only one kidney.

According to the hospital administrator Dickson Nuwagaba, the hospital was cleared of any illegal practices and found Kabanada and his lawyer Lukwago at fault.

However, due to their careless and malicious utterances, the hospital lost its credibility, that of the surgeon and a number of clients, upon this background the hospital are seeking a public apology.

“We have already put up a team of lawyers, they either apologize publicly within seven days, or we face off in court,” said Nuwagaba.

“The Lord mayor being a lawyer by profession should have investigated the claims brought to him by his client before uttering such deform table lies, that have not only made him loose his credibility, but affected the hospital as a whole and the surgeon,” continued Nuwagaba.

Lukwago is yet to issue a statement on the matter.

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