8 Proven Health Benefits of Eating Chocolate


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Chocolate is a food product made from cocoa beans, consumed as candy and used to make beverages and to flavor or coat various confections and bakery products. Rich in carbohydrates, it is an excellent source of quick energy, and it also contains minute amounts of the stimulating alkaloids and caffeine. To many, eating chocolate is a luxury but do you know what this magical sweet can do? It is important to know that it’s not just momentary satisfaction; it is an investment for the future. Here are some benefits of eating chocolate that will amaze you.

  1. Reduces high blood pressure

Dark chocolate contains high amounts of flavonoid, an important antioxidant that helps prevent clots and reduce blood stickiness. Flavonoids add valuable defense against heart conditions. The darker the chocolate is, the more antioxidants it has so just remember to choose chocolate with lots of cocoa.

  1. Lowers blood sugar

This is particularly for dark chocolate. Several studies around the world show that cocoa regulates insulin resistance. That means that the body will use insulin more effectively. Such change can prevent diabetes or other dangerous conditions. However, eating too much chocolate can cause adverse effects on your health since it contains lots of calories.

  1. Stroke prevention

Eating chocolate reduces risks of suffering a stroke in later life. Flavonoids not only regulate blood pressure but also prevent strokes. Amazingly, you don’t even need much chocolate, eating a single bar once a week will keep your blood flow to the brain fine.

  1. Improves brain function

Chocolate improves blood flow to the brain. Flavonoids expand your blood vessels causing your mental capabilities to skyrocket. When your blood vessels expand, it also helps your brain to receive more blood. Good blood flow to your head means more oxygen and the more oxygen you have, the faster your mind will work.

  1. Aids weight loss

The science is simple. The more cocoa chocolate has, the more fiber it has and we know the benefits of fiber. Your digestive tract will be more efficient. Another benefit is Chocolate has incredible amounts of antioxidants. When you ingest, the antioxidants cause a feeling of fullness meaning it causes you to eat less but still feel full.

  1. Skin Protection

Our skins are mostly damaged because of the effects of free radicals. With the number of antioxidants chocolate has, it will almost entirely neutralize the effects of free radicals. Flavonoids in chocolate help your skin get protection from ultraviolet sun rays.

  1. Beats diarrhea

Flavonoids inhibit the release of substances that make the stool fluid. Because the body digests chocolate fast, you will feel its effects fast. The more chocolate you eat the more flavonoids your body will get because of the high cocoa content.

  1. Neutralizes coughing

Chocolate contains a compound called theobromine that relaxes throat nerves and can stop any coughing symptoms. British studies show that patients who eat chocolate often cough less.

So go grab yourself some chocolate for both its deliciousness and health benefits.


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