Zaake’s Violence and Vulgarity Ended his Marriage, Coming for Career Too


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Francis Zaake, Member of Parliament for Mityana Municipality, is in trouble for using extreme vulgar language against a female legislator, Juliet Kinyamatama,District Woman MP for Rakai district, a vice that already ended his marriage and could as well end his career.

Kinyamatama was attacked and abused by Zaake while in Rakai on October 9, 2023, where he called her all sorts of things, including a prostitute with no brains. She reported the issue to Parliament, and Zaake was referred to the Rules, Privileges, and Discipline Committee of Parliament for a hearing.

According to Eron Kizza, a friend of Zaake’s, his political career is hanging in balance; his lack of respect for women by publicly hurling insults at them and using extreme vulgar language is a recipe for disaster.

“Zaake has always used vulgar language against women in his family, especially his wife, whom he always hurled dehumanising insults at. She got impatient with his lack of respect for her and called it quits; he would always refer to her as Malaya, loosely translated as prostitute,” said Kizza.

“Tired of his untamed character coupled with his adulterous ways, the wife called it quits and left him. Unfortunately, it did not end at his home; his bad character has followed him to parliament. The lack of respect for women, especially in the current political environment, will harm his political career,” said Kizza.

On Monday, October 17, 2023, some opposition members of parliament cautioned Zaake about his careless loose mouth against women, arguing that it would not end well for him.

Zaake’s utterances prompted Makerere students from Rakai to petition parliament on October 17, 2023, to have Zaake subjected to a mental health test, stating that the words used to refer to their female MP were not of a normal person.

“We pray that parliament subjects Zaake to a mental health test; the behaviour exhibited while in Rakai was that of a mentally ill person,” the students stated.

It should be noted that this is not the first time Zaake is being subjected to the parliamentary committee of rules, privileges, and discipline for the use of abusive language.

The committee yesterday, October 17, 2023, sat and set two weeks as time to investigate and handle Zaake’s case.

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