The Art of Intentional Parenting: Nurturing with Purpose


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Parents are crucial to their children’s success. You’re your child’s biggest influence.  Intentional parenting involves creating a good parent-child connection.

Social and emotional skills may be learned and practised in a good parent-child relationship. Social and emotional abilities are connected to lifelong benefits including decreased emotional well-being and academic failure.

Pastor Eddie Mwesigye, associate pastor at Watoto North Ntinda, says harsh or abusive parenting and dangerous environments negatively damage brain development.

This can cause children, adolescents, and adults mental, physical, and behavioral difficulties. Intentional parenting helps you and your kid develop social and emotional skills which include;

Be consistent and predictable, set boundaries, and practise purposeful communication with your child. These behaviours can help you create relationships with your child.

Strong, supportive, secure interactions help your child develop resilience, brain growth, and achievement. Your child can better manage stress, increase academic performance, self-regulate, and mental health when you’re involved.

Do things together; your youngster may open up more when busy. You can talk while undertaking age-appropriate activities.

Age-appropriate activities for 0-4 include cuddling, singing, reading, walking, blowing bubbles, and playing pretend games.

Being there is sometimes enough. It conveys your availability. Maintain frequent contact with your youngster.

Being open and talking to your child can help you learn about them. Their words may teach and instill ideals. As your child matures, always know where they are.

“When a child is born, it has a destiny, and that destiny involves a lot of processes and people, including God who has given this child destiny. Parents must cooperate with God and a child to bring forth this child.

Intentional parenting is following a strategy or guide to help this child become a responsible citizen, god-fearing, and the child they were created to be.

The Bible states, “Train the child in a way that he should grow and will not depart from the way.” God, the child, and the parents work together to achieve that goal.

Intentional parenting entails guiding a kid down a predetermined course that, with the help of the child and other relevant parties in society, is expected to lead to the greatest possible outcome for the child.

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