NRM Secretary General Urges University Leaders to Fight Corruption, Emulate Museveni’s Patience


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The National Resistance Movement (NRM) Secretary General Rt. Hon. Richard Todwong has urged University leaders to shun corruption in their services and to be patient in their leadership an attribute of President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

Todwong made these remarks during a one-day training of University guild leaders on patriotism and good governance among the young people at Makerere University on Thursday, June 27, 2024. The Directorate of Youth and institutions at NRM Secretariat organized the training.

The Secretary General who had no kind words for the corrupt government officials urged the young people to shun such vices in their services.

He urged the youth to abstain from corruption in their duties, having nothing but harsh words to say against the dishonest government officials.

“We should be bitter about the subject of corruption. Speak firmly about corruption. It is the biggest problem we have as a government not opposition. The People are tired of us because of the stealing of public resources by a few. We need to advocate for a future where wearing yellow is admirable,” Todwong said.

According to Todwong, the 38 years of NRM are not by mistake, President Museveni is always very patient and consultative to ensure good decisions.

Todwong emphasized that the 38 years of the NRM were not accidental, citing President Museveni’s constant patience and participatory approach to making wise decisions.

“This is a lesson you should learn today not to panic. This is how we have avoided mistakes that befall other countries,” Todwong said.

He advised the leaders to read and stay informed at all times.

“Read about society dynamics and how communities develop to modernity,” he added.

Todwong stated that the NRM principal emphasizes key components of youth personal development are discipline, humility, and respect for leaders and peers.

“Be humble and flexible to fit into any environment after education,” he said

Prof. Elia Hisali, the NRM Patron at Makerere University, was among the attendees during the ceremony.

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