President Museveni Urges Science Professionals to join the Army

President Museveni together with the 91 science professionals
President Museveni together with the 91 science professionals

The President of Uganda Yoweri K. Museveni, who is also the Commander in Chief of the armed forces has urged 91 science professionals who completed their initial training at Sera Kasenyi Training School to join the army.

He said this as he delivered his lecture on opportunity to the professionals who were being passed out in Entebbe. The President went ahead to congratulate the trainees upon understanding the National Resistance Movement (NRM) message of transforming society into a money economy.

“I congratulate you for grasping the basic message of the NRM: the historic mission, the principles, and the transformation of society through education and joining the money economy,” President Museveni stated.

He further expressed his desire for most of them to join the army in order to become commissioned officers so they can be deployed in many areas of science.

“Those who are able can join the army and be trained as specialists like engineers and doctors, after which they will become commissioned officers, or they can get further training to become officer cadets and be deployed in so many areas of science”, the President commended.

President Museveni also encouraged them to embrace more modes of science and technology so that they can become modern people who move from no science to science.

The scientists who underwent training for two months at the Special Forces school were urged to love Uganda and Africa at large.