President Museveni Advises Women to Prioritise the Economy Over Politics


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The President of Uganda, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, has advised women to prioritize the economy over politics, stating that their primary goal should be joining the money economy.

He made these remarks on March 7, 2024, during a meeting with the National Women’s League and Women’s Council Leaders at State House Entebbe ahead of the International Women’s Day Celebrations scheduled for March 8, 2024.

“I challenge you to prioritize the economy over politics. You should instead focus on getting yourselves into the money economy,” the president said.

“Every homestead must join the money economy with ekibaaro (calculatingly), and those with small pieces of land should use the four-acre model of farming,” he added.

Women’s Day this year is being celebrated in Katakwi district under the theme “Accelerating Gender Equality through Women’s Economic Empowerment.”

President Museveni also advised the women to invest in commercial agriculture to defeat poverty.

The four-acre model of farming is an initiative that was introduced by the President of Uganda in May 2019 with the main focus on skills development and capacity building in mainly commercial agriculture, manufacturing, ICT, and services.

The four-acre model supports the growing of coffee, fruits, and food crops; zero grazing of dairy cattle; poultry; piggery; and fish farming.

This year’s Women’s Day is aimed at boosting women in Uganda’s economic sector.

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