Dokolo Woman MP Election Nomination Begins Today, Candidates from Various Political Parties Paraded


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The  nomination process for the Dokolo Woman representative by-election commences today March 11, 2024, as candidates from different political parties present themselves for consideration. This event marks the first step in determining who will fill the vacant seat in the Dokolo constituency.

Among the prominent candidates to be nominated are Sarah Aguti from the Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) and Dr. Rosemary Alamoto-Gual from the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC). Aguti is scheduled to begin the process at 11 a.m. and will be accompanied by the UPC president, Jimmy Akena, on their visit to the Electoral Commission (EC) offices in Dokolo. Following nomination, Aguti plans to address her loyal supporters at the Progressive Secondary School playgrounds.

Aguti secured the party’s flag last month when two of her contenders graciously stepped down, acknowledging her strong candidacy. Akena expressed utmost confidence in Aguti’s ability to represent the aspirations and interests of the people of Dokolo. The UPC party hopes that her nomination will invigorate their campaign and reignite their chances of reclaiming the Dokolo Woman MP seat.

The National Resistance Movement (NRM) has selected Janet Adongo Elau as their flag-bearer, a decision announced on February 18, 2024. Elau, an accomplished community leader with a proven track record, has vowed to prioritize the development needs of the Dokolo constituency.

The by-election has attracted not only candidates from traditional political parties but also independent contenders and representatives from the National Unity Platform (NUP). With over ten candidates vying for the seat, this by-election promises to be a tightly contested race, with each candidate seeking to convince voters that they are the right choice to continue the legacy left behind by the late Cecilia Ogwal.

The Dokolo Woman MP seat became vacant following the unfortunate passing of OGwal in January, leaving a void that now needs to be filled through a democratic electoral process.

To keep the spirit of democracy alive, the Electoral Commission has scheduled the by-election for March 21st, giving voters a chance to exercise their constitutional rights and participate in shaping the future of their community.

For the next two days, March 11th and 12th, the nomination of candidates will continue, allowing aspiring MPs to officially enter the race. It will be followed by a campaigning period from March 13th to 19th, during which candidates will engage with voters, share their vision for the Dokolo constituency, and make compelling arguments for their candidacy.

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