Over 12,000 Students Set to Graduate at Makerere’s 74th Graduation, Ceremonies Begin Today


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Excitement fills the air as Makerere University gears up to celebrate its 74th graduation ceremony. A grand total of 12,000 former students are poised to don their graduation gowns and toss their caps into the air at this esteemed academic institution.

The momentous event is scheduled to commence on Monday, January 20, 2024, and will culminate in a triumphant finale on Friday, February 2, 2024. The university’s iconic Freedom Square will serve as the backdrop for this celebration of scholarly achievements.

Within this diverse cohort of graduates, a remarkable 132 triumphant individuals will be awarded the esteemed Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degrees. Among them, 46 inspiring women and 86 accomplished men have successfully reached the culmination of their extensive research and academic pursuits.

In addition to the PhD recipients, a total of 1,585 graduates will be recognized for their exemplary achievement, receiving Master’s degrees. Among this group, 699  females and 886 males will be receiving their postgraduate qualifications.

Further reflecting the breadth of Makerere University’s academic offerings, 156 individuals attained Postgraduate Diplomas, with 67 of them being remarkable women and 89 being accomplished men.

The majority of the graduating class will be awarded undergraduate degrees, with an impressive count of 11,016 graduands. Among these graduates, 5,990 inspiring women and 5,026 accomplished men successfully navigated their educational journeys.

Additionally, 24 graduands earned Undergraduate Diplomas, with 15 remarkable women and 9 accomplished men being honored for their diligent efforts.

Comparing the upcoming 74th graduation to the previous year’s ceremony, where the university conferred degrees and diplomas upon a total of 13,221 students, there is a slight decrease in the number of graduates this year. However, this does not diminish the significant accomplishments celebrated during this auspicious occasion.

The Makerere University graduation ceremony serves as one of the most important events on the institution’s calendar. It honors the resilience, determination, and lifelong commitment to learning demonstrated by the students, as well as the dedicated faculty and staff who supported them.

As the anticipation builds, friends and family members of the graduates await these ceremonies to celebrate and applaud their loved ones’ academic achievements.

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