Opposition Leaders in Uganda; Unreliable Merchants of Politics of Deception


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Bobi Wine has recently received backlash from his supporters and other Ugandans after he castigated NUP councillor Ali Kateregga for requesting President Museveni to pardon and release NUP suspects who are languishing in different detention centres for various crimes.

Ugandans wondered how Bobi Wine, who has been parading himself as a pro-people politician and human rights defender, turns out to be unhappy with any dialogue aimed at freeing his supporters, who have been in jail for more than 3 years. It should be noted that when Bobi Wine’s close allies and confidants, Eddie Mutwe, Nubian Li, and Dan Magic, were arrested, Bobi Wine tried all means possible to have them released.

The opposition political parties in Uganda are not built on a strong ideological baseline; they are instead built on individuals who end up using their supporters for personal gains. In many cases, these politicians use deception as a way of winning trust from both supporters and funders. For this reason, some of them have been contradicting themselves as well as telling lies both in the media and physically.

Bobi Wine and other opposition political leaders transported known accident victims to Nairobi and paraded them to funders as torture victims. Some of the accident victims, like Moses Ssimbwa, later got disappointed and apologised to Ugandans after the opposition leaders failed to honour the financial promises they had made to these victims.

Bobi Wine has been basing his struggle on torture, arrests, and human rights. He has nothing else to tell Ugandans or his funders if the arrested people are released; he knows well that if these suspects are out of jail, he will have nothing more to tell his funders, and so his cash will dry out. Uganda is reaching the election period, and Bobi needs funds to run campaigns. It beats the minds of many to find that Bobi Wine and Kizza Besigye, who made it clear that elections cannot remove President Museveni since he appointed the electoral commission himself, are the same people telling Ugandans how they will again contest against him in 2026.

Surprisingly, these opposition leaders continue to amass wealth and live luxurious lives while the people they mislead into violent protests languish in prisons while others die. They give false hopes to their supporters by issuing timelines in months and days to remove an elected president. Worldover, only political parties built on ideology thrive. Parties and leaders who ride on deception to mislead their supporters usually nosedive since it is hard to sustain lies. Supporters later realise the deception, and such parties end up in political oblivion.

In Uganda, opposition political parties have been blamed by their supporters for extortion, lies, corruption, and a lack of focus. These parties have proved to be more poorly organised than the ruling party they oppose, which is why the ruling party ends up winning since it is hard to trust these liars. These opposition parties rely on trading hatred, tribalism, insults, and abuses for dissenting views.

Characterised by political immaturity and a lack of structural organisation, the opposition leaders end up making reactionary individual decisions on behalf of their parties instead of having organs in place to do the work. Political deception!

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