NUP Supporters Disappointed with Party Leadership’s Neglect of Injured Member’s Medical Bills


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NUP supporters are expressing their frustration with the National Unity Platform’s (NUP) top leadership over their failure to handle the medical bills of Megan Natukunda, a dedicated party member who recently suffered a leg injury during a national mobilization tour with party President Robert Kyagulanyi, popularly known as Bobi Wine. With the party leaving her supporters to organize a fundraising campaign, questions arise about the NUP’s commitment to its foot soldiers’ welfare.

The incident occurred on Friday, May 31, 2024, in Masaka, where Natukunda’s leg was broken during an accident while accompanying Bobi Wine on his tour. Following the accident, Natukunda was rushed to Nsambya Hospital, where she underwent surgery to save her leg. However, her fellow foot soldiers were shocked to discover that the party’s leadership was unwilling to cover not a single coin of her medical expenses.

“We cannot fathom that the party we wholeheartedly support would fail to raise funds for our colleague’s medical treatment. It is disheartening that we, as foot soldiers, have been left to organize a campaign to support Natukunda,” Musoke, one of the foot soldiers, expressed his disappointment.

When the family informed them about the need for surgery and the high bills, the foot soldiers approached the party leadership for assistance. Unfortunately, their request was turned down, with claims of financial constraints due to the party’s ongoing efforts to finance Bobi Wine’s up-country tours. This revelation has left many supporters questioning the NUP’s priorities and commitment to its grassroots members.

The foot soldiers were informed that the cost of accommodation at Nsambya Hospital ranges from Ugx 150,000 to Ugx 250,000 per day, depending on the room type, while the surgery alone was estimated to be over Ugx 2,000,000. With no support from the party leadership, they had no choice but to initiate the “Save Megan’s Life” fundraising campaign to aid Natukunda’s treatment.

Furthermore, some foot soldiers highlighted a lack of adequate medical support during party rallies. Minor injuries often go unaddressed, as the team does not have an ambulance or medical personnel on hand. When serious accidents occur, such as Natukunda’s, the party captures photo opportunities for publicity purposes but fails to follow up on the injured individuals’ progress.

Critics argue that the NUP’s response to Natukunda’s medical needs is particularly troubling given recent revelations on social media. A leaked financial statement of NUP’s income and expenditure from February 2023 surfaced, showing total income received as Ugx 9,534,000,000. The statement also detailed fat allowances for Bobi Wine and his wife, while there was no mention of financial support for foot soldiers who actively participate in the party’s activities.

These revelations have sparked public outrage on social media, with NUP supporters and other individuals expressing disappointment in the party’s leadership. As the “Save Megan’s Life” campaign gains momentum, pressure is mounting on the NUP to address the concerns raised by its foot soldiers and ensure that proper support is given to injured members.

The Natukunda incident highlights a larger issue of accountability and transparency within the NUP. Supporters are now calling for a reevaluation of the party’s priorities and an assurance that grassroots members will receive the care and support they deserve, especially when injured in the line of duty.

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