NITA set to close Regional Communication Infrastructure Program


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The National Information and Technology Authority Uganda-NITA is set to close its Regional Communication Infrastructure Program (RCIP).

While addressing press at the Media Centre on Wednesday, the NITA-Uganda Executive director Dr. Hatwib Mugasa said the decision is to allow NITA to focus on using e-services for improved service Delivery.

Regional Communication Infrastructure Program was initiated in 2016 with support from the World Bank to transform public service delivery in Uganda using ICT in order to improve the lives of Ugandans.

Dr. Hatwib said the project closure roadmap will run for two months with different activities set to windup and shall calumniate into a grand closure and e-services exhibition in Gulu on 31st August 2022.

The purpose for the activities and launching the project roadmap is to engage the public and create more awareness of the available
e-government services as well as project’s achievements so Ugandans can utilize and embrace them.

Highlighting the achievements of RCIP program, NITA-U has registered significant progress over the 5-year period with a 100% project
completion of all set project activities.

Among the achievements, he said that there was an extension of the geographic reach of broadband connectivity across the country with 764 Kms of Optical Fibre Cable added on-to the Government National Backbone Infrastructure (NBI).

Additional 842 Km of Optical Fiber was extended under missing links
which covered West Nile. A total of 725 additional MDAs/DLG sites and target user groups connected to the National Backbone Infrastructure (NBI).

Installation of additional 300 Wi-Fi sites across major cities and towns across the country. Transmission sites completed with all sites connected to Solar Energy.

Dr. Hatwib said that a total of 80 entities have been integrated onto the Government Systems Integration Platform (UG HUB).

These include Ministries Departments and Agencies and Banks; these can now seamlessly share data across this Platform which has increased efficiencies and timeliness in public service delivery across Government enabling ease of access of information and digital payments.

The integration of Government systems and Agencies is set to easy access to services and ensure timeliness in service delivery. He called upon Ugandans to embrace and enjoy the services developed to improve life.


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