MUK Students Decry Guild President’s False Promises, Homosexual Recruitment and Hypocrisy


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Alionzi Lawrence, alias Dangote, of the National Unity Platform (NUP) party  was on  Wednesday night  30th December 2022 declared a winner of Makerere guild race after beating all other contestants.

In his manifesto, Alionzi promised to construct another hall for girls, reinstate suspended students, fix missing marks issues, renovation of halls of residence and increasing the allowances of students on government sponsorship.

However, according to MUK students, none of these promises have been fulfilled and they aren’t holding their breaths for any reforms anytime soon.

There is gnashing of teeth among other students who accuse Alionzi of using them as ladders to climb a mango tree which he has failed to shake and give mangoes to those below.

“He is a catfish! He presented himself to be one thing but turned out to be something else completely, he really played us,” a student stated.

Students lamented about the betrayal they felt when he (Alionzi) met Vice Chancellor Barnabas Nawangwe shortly after his win yet he had promised to throw the vice chancellor out when he came up with a slogan “Nawangwe must go”. According to student account, they were shocked to find out that Alionzi signs one hundred sixty thousand shillings daily from Nawangwe’s office as allowances.

“A hypocrite is the kind of politician who would cut down a redwood tree, then mount the stamp and make a speech for conservation,” Solomon, a 3rd year student at Makerere said.

Solomon likened Alionzi to his boss NUP president Bobi Wine, who has pretended to fight for human rights yet is a chief tormentor of Ugandans like Erick Mwesigwa among others.

Students also accuse their guild president of frequent visits to NUP party offices in Kamwokya stating that he has had no time to concentrate on the real issues affecting them as he is spending all of it in Kamwokya.

A member on the Makerere guild council who preferred anonymity, because of the sensitivity of the matter, revealed that top leaders in NUP lured Alionzi into organizing secret pro LGBTQ meetings in and out of campus and those who try to oppose them are threatened to lose their posts of leadership in the university.

“He had secretly organised pro LGBTQ meetings and encouraged students and students and student leaders to advocate for the LGBTQ community,” the source stated.

“He also threatened to suspend anyone who goes against his directives or reveals the details of the meeting,” the source added.

Among others, Alionzi is accused of being a catfish, a fraud, and a homosexual sympathizer by those he leads and that little is expected from him during his tenure as guild president.

The Makerere University council recently recommended the prohibition of partisan politics in student’s leadership citing concerns that political affiliations sow discord among the students, linking to an incident in which a Uganda Christian University student identified as Betungura Bewatte died during a fight between FDC and NUP last year.

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