Ministry of Finance Disburses UGX 144.3 Bn for National Population Census Preparation


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The Ministry of Finance and Economic Development has announced the allocation of a substantial sum of 144.3 billion Shillings towards the preparations for the forthcoming National Population Census.

In a press briefing held on January 29, 2024, Ramathan Goobi, the Permanent Secretary and Secretary to the Treasury, revealed that the funds will primarily be utilized to procure tablets that will be employed during the census.

Furthermore, Goobi stated that a portion of the allocated funds, amounting to 90.211 billion Shillings, has been disbursed to the National Medical Stores. This allocation is intended for the acquisition of essential drugs and medicines. Additionally, an allocation of 57.955 billion Shillings has been released to referral hospitals, as well as the cancer and heart institutes.

The impending Census 2024, which will be conducted for the sixth time since Uganda gained independence in 1962, is slated to take place on May 9, 2024. This nationwide survey will enable the Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) to generate accurate and up-to-date demographic, social, and economic data.

The Ministry of Finance’s release of these significant funds underscores the government’s commitment to ensuring that the census is conducted smoothly and efficiently. Adequate financial resources are crucial for facilitating the provision of necessary equipment and resources, as well as ensuring that healthcare facilities are adequately supported during the process.

Notably, the procurement of tablets will contribute to the modernization and digitization of census data collection, enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of the exercise. This investment in technology will enable census workers to capture and record data seamlessly, streamlining the overall process and resulting in more reliable statistics.

The Ministry’s decision to allocate substantial funds towards the purchase of essential drugs and medicines is commendable, as it underscores the government’s dedication to addressing the healthcare needs of the population during this critical national undertaking. By ensuring that referral hospitals, cancer institutes, and heart institutes are adequately funded, the government is prioritizing the provision of quality healthcare services, especially during the demanding census period.

As the countdown to Census 2024 continues, both the Ministry of Finance and the Uganda Bureau of Statistics are working diligently to finalize all necessary preparations. The successful execution of the census will contribute to enhancing the nation’s planning and policymaking processes, as accurate and comprehensive statistical data is fundamental for informed decision-making at all levels.

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