Mathias Mpuuga Points Finger at NUP Leadership for Mishandling Party Matters


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Mathias Mpuuga, the former leader of the opposition, has publicly voiced his criticism of the top leadership within the National Unity Platform (NUP) for their handling of party matters. Speaking to journalists today March 26, 2024, at a press conference held at Parliament, Mpuuga expressed his dismay with the party’s approach.

Mpuuga addressed the press, stating, “Whenever party members encounter disagreements, there should be mechanisms in place to facilitate mature resolutions. It is crucial to refrain from grandstanding and settling political scores at the expense of the reputation of fellow comrades, with whom we have struggled to provide the country with better leadership.”

The former opposition leader emphasized the importance of fostering a culture where Ugandans feel encouraged to question the decisions of their leaders, particularly those in higher offices, who make decisions and act on behalf of the people.

Mpuuga further claimed that the party unjustly targeted him in the media under the guise of addressing accountability issues.
“In the current circumstances, it is clear that the objective was never about accountability because social media or press conferences are not the platforms for holding individuals accountable,” said Mpuuga.

Recently, NUP, through a statement signed by acting President Lina Zedriga, called for Mpuuga’s immediate resignation from his position as Commissioner of Parliament. The party accused him of admitting to receiving a substantial sum of money, resulting in allegations of corruption and misuse of funds.

However, Mpuuga has defiantly vowed not to step down or abandon the party. Responding to speculation about his future, he firmly stated;
“I am a founder of the National Unity Platform. I didn’t join NUP; I was part of its foundation, serving as the Deputy President in charge of Buganda.”

“I want to reaffirm that I am not leaving NUP, a party I consciously founded with my colleagues. I am not here to destroy or dismantle it. No one has convinced me to even consider deserting a party I helped establish,” Mpuuga added.

The internal strife within NUP has drawn attention from political analysts and citizens across the country, with many expressing concern over the potential impact these divisions may have on the party’s unity and its ability to effectively champion the interests of its supporters.

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