Man who knocked Lord Mayor Lukwago’s house is his Errand Boy


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On Saturday 03rd December 2022, around 7pm along Mengo road in Rubaga Division, a young man identified as Fred Kiweewa rammed into Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago’s house knocking down the gate and a pillar to the house in anger due to differences developed while dealing with the mayor.

According to some councilors at Kampala Capital City Authority, Kiweewa is an errand boy for the lord Mayor, who has been working for him behind the scenes for a long time, handling his private deals especially managing vendors on the streets and land business.

“Kiweewa has issues with the lord Mayor over a land deal and his woman Mariam, who he discovered was sleeping with the lord mayor and is expecting his child,” revealed one of the councilors who preferred anonymity.

The councilor said that this left Kiweewa devastated and betrayed by the one person he trusted, for sidelining him and leaving him in debts and not fulfilling any of the promises he made after vendors were kicked off the streets, but instead chose to get his woman pregnant.

Earlier this year Vendors were asked to leave the streets, by the then Resident City Commissioner (RCC) Hudu Hussein, this affected most vendors Kiweewa inclusive, who used to manage over 3000 vendors for the lord mayor.

According to the Councilor Lukwago has been dealing with Kiweewa and a group of street vendors to keep demonstrating on the streets of Kampala. According to the information by the councilors, these were his secret hand men who promised protection above huge sums of money.

However, according to the councilors, the failure by Lukwago to stop the evictions left Kiweewa disappointed. Being his close confidant Kiwewa was employed as a land broker and dealer for Lukwago, but later discovered that Lukwago had gone behind his back and sold one of his key plots by tricking his woman Mariam who availed the land details to Lukwago without his consent.

Sources say that Kiweewa sought audience with Lukwago on several occasions but he declined to see him, claiming he was busy. Following the loss of his land and the discovery that his fiancé Mariam was involved in the deal with Lukwago, he opted to take the matter into his hands.

According to the source, Kiwewa invited the fiancé for an outing and off they drove in a Subaru only to speed and rum into the Lord Mayors home in Wakaliga.

Our source has revealed that the Lord Mayor is doing everything possible to handle the matters out of court to avoid the embarrassment of his dirty dealings with the young man.

This story is still developing…..


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