Kato Lubwama’s Medical and Funeral Bills Cleared by the State; Opposition’s Hypocrisy Exposed


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Hon. Muhammed Nsereko, the MP for Kampala Central, has revealed that the state paid for his hospital bills and cleared all payments for the burial arrangements for the fallen ex-MP and DP diehard, Kato Lubwama, who was buried today at his ancestral home in Nkozi, Mpigi District.

While delivering his eulogy, the Hon. Nsereko, a close friend of the late, revealed that Kato Lubwama, a Democratic Party (DP) diehard, had been secretly in touch with President Museveni and top NRM bosses. This has, however, raised eyebrows in the public, questioning why a staunch opposition member would secretly deal with the government.

“Kato’s (Lubwama) medical bills at Medipal were paid by President Museveni through State House. The other bill was partly paid by Parliament.”

“Gen Saleh helped us with burial expenses, he again called back and asked what else is missing, he sent us Shs50m to handle the rest,” Nsereko revealed.

Kato Lubwama was showered with praise by speaker after speaker, including those from the NUP National Unity Platform with whom he did not see eye to eye. The mourners said that one of the outstanding characteristics of the fallen Kato was his openness and ability to speak his mind.

Kato’s brute truths led to a fallout with NUP president Robert Kyagulanyi, whom he openly accused of fooling Ugandans while secretly dealing with the government, which he says has enabled Bobi Wine to amass tremendous wealth for himself and his family.

Suspicions from the public about some opposition elements being in bed with the government have been growing over the years. The death of Kato Lubwama could have proven these ever-growing suspicions.

At the vigil, NUP president Kyagulanyi admitted that there was bad blood between the two and did not deny any of the accusations from Kato Lubwama.

In one of the videos, Kato calls out Bobi Wine’s alleged hypocrisy, dirty dealings, and selfishness, in addition to trashing his music.

“Kateengooo, kateeengoooo, very stupid, idiotic,very shallow-minded, kayimba kakisiruuui nyooooooo,” Kato Lubwama said about the Katengo song done by Bobi Wine.

Other opposition leaders have also been accused of having secret relationships. Close sources from NUP revealed that Mathias Mpuuga, the leader of opposition (LOP), has faced huge resistance even within his party after factions in the party have consistently suspected him of having secret dealings with the regime, something that has torn the party apart.

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