How I Got Introduced to Homosexuality in Senior One


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There is a saying by the wise king Solomon that says, “A heart knows its bitterness, and a stranger does not share its joy.” Proverbs 14:10. I couldn’t help but remember that saying as I listened to Hon. Fox Odoi introducing the Homosexuality Minority report in Parliament on 21st March 2023. It is painful that someone who has no idea how the agenda of homosexuality promotion has penetrated our society can make such wild assertions. I couldn’t help but wonder if it’s out of sheer ignorance or a vain effort to give accountability to foreign funders, as some have alleged.

Dear Hon. Fox Odoi, I have experienced firsthand the evil and pain of homosexuality. I don’t expect you to share nor understand my pain, but I will still share a bit of my story. More than 20 years have passed since I was sodomized as a young, naive student, yet the wounds invisible as they are still hurt deeply.

In 2002, as I reported for my 1st year in secondary school at one of the top schools in this country, I was welcomed by a team of beautiful ladies full of smiles and warmth. The leader of this “hospitable” team was a cheerful but strong upper class student famously known as Bree. On first impression, she seemed loving, caring, and generous; only to later discover that she was the leader of the Bisiyaga Crew in the school.

This crew took me under their wing of protection and care. Every single day, Bree and her crew gave me the best treatment a new student can ever dream of in boarding school. I did not step foot at the canteen for the first 3 weeks as snacks would be brought to my dorm without spending a single dime of my own money. My clothes were washed spotlessly clean under the guise of giving me time to adjust to life away from home. The crew assured me that, under their care, I should never be worried about bullying or lacking anything. Who wouldn’t want that!

This fantasy world was to soon come all crumbling down. A month later, Bree invited me to her cubicle and practically sodomized me with one of her crew members. I will spare you the details of the gruesome acts involved in these heinous acts that went on for two years. They forced themselves on me and warned me that if I ever mentioned a word to anyone, they would kill me and bury me in the school banana plantation. I had no reason to doubt their threats by the seriousness they threatened me with. Just like that I became their little toy they sexually abused at will for two consecutive years. They used me anytime they wanted, as long as we were not in class.

Luckily enough, in 2004, my abusers completed school, and for once in my 2 years I could breathe. In as much as their departure meant that I had survived the daily abuse, the damage to my body and soul was permanent. I had lost my virginity to a fellow girl; I had lost my self-esteem and sense of purpose at that tender age. I was full of self-hatred that in 2005 I attempted to commit suicide, which fortunately was not successful as I was rushed to hospital, where I recovered.

On my road to recovery, my mother introduced me to a professional counselor who talked me through my long hidden pain. They discovered well hidden psychological, emotional, and physical wounds. I did not have the courage to go back to the same school again. Thankfully, my parents were understanding enough and moved me to a new school. This aided my healing and recovery process. I am now a good distance down the road to full recovery. And by God’s grace, I believe I will eventually get there.

Hon Fox Odoi, your defense of homosexuality in the minority report seems to insinuate that the threat of homosexuality is largely imagined and the call to curb it uncalled for. You are pricking at wounds for which you can’t share the pain. Dear Sir, you haven’t experienced our pain and shame caused by homosexuality. You seem not to know how entrenched it is in our schools being fronted by well-funded and brainwashed students. At the risk of sounding dumb, I request that you be objective enough and do your own investigations. This is under the assumption that your misguided thinking has convinced you that stories like mine are a one-off and are just isolated cases.

My call to parents is that let us not be shy about teaching our children about the issues of sex and whatever relates to them. I believe if I had been equipped, I would not have fallen into the trap of these sexual predators. I would perhaps have sniffed their schemes from afar and shielded myself. School administrators need to take back the responsibility of knowing that they are not just teaching but building a whole person. Their care is not limited to academics. The Administrators knew that there was a group of girls terrorizing young girls but never bothered to investigate.

Our Dear Teachers, you are in charge of guiding pupils, not only in academics or extracurricular activities, but also in shaping their character and morals. A teacher instills in students information, morals, customs, contemporary difficulties, and strategies for overcoming them. That way, we will deal with the problem at the root of its evil. We will deny the detractors justification for their baseless and wild claims, all in an effort to appease their funders. The war again homosexuality will eventually be won by the common Ugandan. Let’s not be derailed by detached politicians paid to enforce an agenda that has no place in our culture and society as a nation.

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