EWAFFE CULTURAL VILLAGE: An Eco Tourism Center where Culture Comes to Life


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Ewaffe Cultural Village is situated in Naggalama, Mukono District. It’s just a 1 hour drive from the Capital Kampala making it more accessible for everyone.

Ewaffe is a name originating from a Luganda word our home. The green beautiful cultural village offers an enchanting opportunity for ethnic tourism lovers to engage in Buganda’s rich cultural heritage.

At Ewaffe your welcomed by a participatory cultural dance followed by drums and traditional songs and your offered coffee beans and banana juice locally known as Omubisi as a sign of welcoming you into the village.

There are a lot of activities to be engaged in while at this village and they include,

Fetching Water;

While at Ewaffe cultural village you’re offered well designed Clay pots to go to the well and take part in how the activity was performed traditionally to immerse yourself in a true cultural experience.


As it’s traditionally known that women should cook, Aunts locally known as Sengas take women through a session on how to make the famous Baganda delicacies. They also train girls on how to make the famous banana juice.

Medicinal Trails;

Here you get to learn about local species of plants and how they are locally used as herbs or spices in the Buganda Culture and in the fight against diseases.

Sex Education;

Traditionally, Uncles and Aunties are responsible for grooming young people into responsible adults. As they prepare young people for marriage they teach them values of patience, respect and a sense of responsibility for their homes. This is a session that is well offered at Ewaffe.

Traditional Games;

 While at Ewaffe Village, one takes part in traditional games as a form of entertainment and relaxation. Skipping ropes, traditional songs, hide and seek and many others are all games that can relax everyone’s body and mind at the Village.

Eating Fruits;

One is served a fruit platter as a way of refreshment and a sign of portraying Uganda’s richness in food security. The fruits include sugarcane, jack fruits, pineapples, mangoes, watermelons, and many others.


You’ll get a chance to move to a nearby pond to take part in fishing and incase you get any fish you are allowed to have it yourself as a gift.

These and more are all activities one can engage in while at Ewaffe Cultural Village where culture comes to life.

Gift your child this holiday by providing an opportunity to give them both a learning and exciting cultural immersion at Ewaffe Cultural Village through farm learning tours, traditional food preparation, indigenous fruit feasting, fishing lessons at Ewaffe ponds, Barkcloth lessons, traditional games and community interaction.

While exploring Uganda, take your time and visit the Ewaffe Cultural Village for an exclusive cultural experience.

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