DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: Wife Battering Is an Act of Cowardice


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Over the weekend, I watched a video that sent a million emotions and left me wondering how some people can be so shameless and heart-less.

The video shows a 32-year-old Julius Matovu, slapping and boxing Esther Nasaka as well as aggressively pulling her hair of which some of the hair strands are seen on the ground having been plucked out due to his violence. He also goes ahead to kick her in the face as Esther screams in pain.

Fortunately, the police responded swiftly and came to the rescue of this woman from this savage act and he is currently being detained at Kanyanya police station where Esther also gave her stamen and together with the video footage will be presented as evidence in the courts of the law.

Apparently, Matovu called Esther to pick up her clothes from Kyebando opposite Homes Dalen Primary and Nursery School where the couple picked a fight which led to the aggressive assault.

In this era, it saddens me that such people still exist in society after all the movements against all sorts of violence in the country and the world at large.

The President of Uganda has on a number of times addressed issues concerning violence most especially towards the female species. He strongly condemns these acts has made it a point to fight the vice.

On 8th March 2020, which is International Women’s day, the United Nations, the European Union together with the government of Uganda launched a spotlight initiative that seeks to eliminate all forms of domestic and gender-based violence.

While officiating at the launch, President Yoweri Museveni described wife battering as a cowardly act and called for the economic empowerment of women as a tool to reduce their vulnerability to violence and harmful practices.

I have to agree with what the president said. A man that beats a woman is dealing with issues of inferiority complex and he can only deflect on his wife. This is a vice that should stop because it does not make a man any better but rather a weak human being.

Last week, women all over the world were celebrated as well as in our country Uganda. the theme of this year’s international women’s day was BREAKING THE BIAS and to think that people can still beat up women after so many sensitizations leave me thinking if people really take such days seriously.

Breaking the bias highlights the importance of a world free of bias, stereotypes, and discrimination such as female genital mitigation, discrimination at work, sexual and gender-based violence, domestic violence to mention but a few.  A world that’s diverse, equitable, and inclusive.

Such atrocious acts should stop in Uganda and men should know that there are very many ways to settle queries other than beating up women.


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