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The first ever Canada National Resistance Movement Organisation Symposium will take place from 8th -10th July 2022 at Niagara Falls hotel in Canada.

There has been a wide spread belief by the Opposition that the ruling party (NRM) has no support among the diaspora Ugandans.

Since the inception of National Unity Platform into the political space of Uganda, it has used the diaspora as one of the means to show false in campabilities and wrong doings of the NRM party to the world.

There have been trips, functions, meetings, protests in different countries all over the world to taint a bad image about President Museveni’s leadership.

The Canada NRM Chapter symposium is a move by the supporters of the NRM government to dispel the wide spread belief that the NRM government is dictatorial to the international community.

Fred Kinene, who chairs the NRM Canada Chapter and is also chairing the Symposium Organising committee said;

β€œWe are volunteering to organise this Symposium because of our genuine Love for the ruling NRM party to which we have belonged and actively subscribed for more than 30years and still counting.”

The Canada NRM Chapter was formed under the able leadership of NRM volunteers living in Canada to bring together NRM supporters under one umbrella association.

While at the symposium, participants will attend several seminars that will educate them about patriotism, investment and how one can be able to partake the vast opportunities in Canada.

The main points to be discussed include; the consolidation of the NRM government achievements in the sectors of social, political and economic and the role played by Ugandans in the diaspora.

The challenges of the NRM government in the diaspora and the measures that can be put in place to directly help Ugandans in the diaspora who face various problems.

Last year, National Resistance Movement’s (NRM) Henrietta Wamala was voted President of Uganda’s oldest diaspora association in North America- UNAA.

She beat her closest competitor, National Unity Platform’s Lydia Natolo to secure her second term as the leader of UNAA.

According to Kinene, the NRM party in diaspora is as strong as it is back at home. β€œThe public should not be lied to with the reckless and unrest methods the radical supporters of NUP depict in the diaspora. They make a lot noise but do not have popular support. As the NRM, we use methods that concern people’s lives and focus on improving livelihood other than our counter parts who focus on destructive industrial action that destabilizes people’s livelihood,” He noted.





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