Bireete’s CCG Recruitment Grounds for LGBTQ+ Persons


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The centre for constitutional governance (CCG), an NGO owned by Sarah Bireete a lawyer, and a Human rights activist, in   Ntinda Uganda, is alleged to be a recruitment centre for the LGBTQ+ community disguised as a skilling centre for youth and a human rights organization.

Whistle blower Loyce Akello, a former employee who worked in administration in 2021 at the center,  says that between 01st June 2020 to 31st May 2021, her boss Bireete received €109,413 equivalent to Ugx 433,279,599M to expand on the LGBTQ+ recruitment process.

Between June 2020 to May 2021 CCG received a lot of donor funds to help facilitate the recruitment of LGBTQ+ people here in Uganda. The money was used to lure young boys and girls into the vice and also hire LGBTQ+ influencers on social media,” Akello stated.

She further said that the revelation of what her boss was doing led her to quit her job as she could not in good faith continue with the ‘sin’. 

“It is intellectual dishonesty for such a person to claim she fights for democracy and is a human rights activist, while sinking our society into the grave, it is immoral for her to pretend to be fighting for those she is exploiting, it’s the number one reason I left the organisation,” said Akello.

In 2009, Bireete was charged before the anti-corruption court for abuse of office and embezzlement. The high court presided over by retired Justice Katutsi sentenced her to 10 years in prison, which she later appealed and was acquitted in 2016. 

“Upon her release from jail, she undertook someone’s NGO and only changed ownership to her names, she had access since she was a former employee, and that is how she got to be the owner of CCG,” said Akello

The whistle blower also added that Bireete’sforce full takeover of the NGO was donor funded to enable her recruit unsuspecting youths. 

However, according to Bireete, international companies should observe the laws of the country in which they operate which she is accused of going against. 

The public has come out to argue that Bireete is hiding in plain sight using human rights activism to push the gay agenda forward while benefiting handsomely from it. 

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