One’s Setback is a Set up for their Comeback


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A Makerere University fresher that reported for his first year at campus with a metallic suitcase and an ‘osoufia’ bag in 2019 has turned his scoffed story into a splendid one, after venturing into the production of petrol fuel from plastics.

Have you ever pondered why some circumstances do happen or somethings occur the way they do in one’s life, if you have never, then Henry Ssuubi Kiyimba’s milestone will aid you in realising that one’s background doesn’t necessarily determine their future.

Kiyimba, who is currently at the peak of his final year academic programme in Mechanical Engineering recently embarked on his final year project on Development of Liquid Pyrolytic Fuel from Waste Plastics, which simply implies that he will be making petrol out of plastics.

Kiyimba’s project venture is not only aimed at attaining academic qualifications but comes with various pluses that will be a blessing in disguise.

The project which is one of its kind will eventually help Kiyimba hit the jackpot into the field of business as it is a good venture that will fetch him millions of cash that will aid him into becoming a boss of his own.

Taking a look at the big picture of development and the project’s additional value to Uganda as a country, once the project thrives, it create employment opportunities for Ugandans since Kiyimba will not run it alone but will be in position to employ others thus increase in revenue.

On the side of environment, the project comes with environmental conservation as plastics which have been a problem in Kampala City and the surrounding areas will be history, as these will be some of the raw materials used in making the final product. There is a lot of plastic waste that requires to be put to waste recyclingPlastics are very dangerous to the environment as they harden the soil and make it lose its nutrients since plastics cannot be dissolved in soil.

Looking at the benefits and Kiyimba’s landmark, one needs not to question about their history or base on it to make conclusions on their impending success because history has never been a determinant for one’s future.

According to reports, the most prominent or successful people in the world didn’t have a swift history but they persevered until victory was theirs. 


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