Besigye, Bobi Wine Take Anti-EACOP Campaign to Hoima After Kampala Flop


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On the 24th Jan 2023, as Ugandans and residents of the Albertine region were witnessing a milestone as the country launched its first oil Well in Kikuube district, Besigye and Bobi wine were planning an anti East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) meeting at Hotel Emerald.

The anti EACOP crusade was being driven by one of Besigye’s NGO called ALFEAN Organization. The ALFEAN Organization is an NGO started by Besigye but is being run by Brian Atuhaire Katana as a front.

According to sources, Katana on behalf of Besigye has received millions of dollars from foreign donors to run the anti EACOP campaign.

Amos Kafeero (not real names) an associate of Katana and worker at the NGO, states that ALFEAN has received a lot of funding from donors who were against Uganda drilling its own oil, and fighting it under the guise of environmental protection.

However, in spite of the large amounts received from donors there are no results as President Museveni launched the first oil rig on 24th last month.

“The funders are not happy at all with the way Besigye and Bobi wine have sat back and let the oil project push through, yet they were heavily funded,” said Kafeero.

Kafeero further stated that Besigye and Bobi wine intend to organize debates in Bunyoro to try and build resistance amongst the local population, using the help of the Hoima woman MP Asinansi Nyakato.

According to Kafeero, the NGO’s public goal is to fight for the environment and other issues concerning Ugandans but that is a cover to push Besigyes’s political agendas.

“The NGO is openly de-campaigning Uganda’s effort to develop her oil and gas sectors to push the agenda of the real boss. Money was eaten and it’s now time to pay but at what cost? Ugandans are being hoodwinked and led astray,” Kafeero stated.

According to Joseph Wandera the LC1 Chairperson in Kibengeya village, the people of Hoima should not be participating in these anti EACOP debates as they have benefited greatly from the project.

“There has been a lot of development in the area since the EACOP project started and the people of Hoima have greatly improved their lifestyle, and were compensated well. They should be aware of these enemies of progress, by keeping them far away from them,” Wandera stated.

“I wish the locals knew what is at stake here, they are going to be deceived by people who have no interest at all for their well-being, people who only care about money,” he continued.

The EACOP project has led to development in Hoima since it has created jobs, infrastructural development and technological enhancement.

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