Unlocking the Mystery Behind the Bobi Wine, Mpuuga and Mayiga Meeting


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The Katikiro of Buganda Kingdom Owek. Charles Peter Mayiga called an emergency closed-door meeting to cool down the tensions between the Leader of Opposition Mathius Mpuuga and his boss the National Unity Platform (NUP) President Robert Kyagulanyi.

The Katikiro’s office in Bulange, Mengo was the scene of a showdown between the two NUP big dogs, Bobi Wine and LOP Mpuuga. It’s no secret that these two have had a tumultuous relationship for months, often leading to heated disagreements and verbal sparring contests. It had gotten to a point where an explosion was imminent and it was up to Katikiro to intervene.

“The meeting follows an impasse within the NUP Political Party that has lasted for more than 16 months with each party leader accusing the other of a number of leadership weaknesses, both in Parliament and at the Party Headquarters,” a source revealed.

Close sources in the Kamwokya based party revealed that there have been several emotional eruptions at the party headquarters and countless heated exchanges of heavy words between the Party president and several other party leaders. Low-ranking members have also not been spared as the bickering has been planted and sprayed across.

Sources state that a new war has erupted between Butambala MP Muwanga Kivumbi and LOP Mathias Mpuuga each accusing the other of backstabbing before the NUP President.

The furious red eyed Kivumbi accused Mpuuga of subtly defying the Party president’s orders citing one of the many instances such as that where Mpuuga refused to submit fake lists of names of the alleged torture victims.

According to sources that prefer anonymity, the tensions continued rising which prompted the party president who according to these sources loathes any form of slight criticism, challenge or being questioned, to openly show his capability to immediately and without any consultation fire Mpuuga as the LOP and replace him with Joel Ssenyonyi.

However, Mayiga’s intervention with his convincing power and suave manipulated the gullible Bobi Wine to calm the tide and immediately halt the recalling of Mpuuga until his two and a half year term elapses.


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